Our beloved Sensei - Rev. Bob McNeil - passed on June 20, 2020.  He had led our sangha for over 20 years, bringing the teachings of Soto Zen Buddhism to any who would listen.  He has profoundly touched the lives of many people and his teaching will live on through them.  He literally gave his life to the sangha.  "Teeth together but not clenched..."  "Every day is a happy day..." and of course, "Practice, practice, practice!"  We are grateful for your compassion.  We love you.  You are greatly missed.  Gassho.


The Sangha of the Compassionate Heart Zen Center is a Zen meditation group led by senior instructor Christine Otto.

Anyone is welcome to join us for meditation at any of the scheduled times.

Christine Otto was trained in the traditions of Soto Zen Buddhism by the Reverend Bob McNeil and provides instruction in Zen meditation three days a week at our Zen center.

The Zen center is located at:
11708 Massinger St, Lakewood, CA  90715